Oxford10 Data Privacy Statement

Oxford10 (“we”, “our”, “us”) maintains a database of alumni (“you”, “your”) and their email addresses which it keeps for the purpose of inviting alumni to the annual dinner and events organised by Oxford10. Alumni who have accepted an invitation have supplied us with personal data including their email address, college, university, year of matriculation and, where applicable, special dietary requirements. In all other cases, the data kept by Oxford10 is limited to the email addresses of alumni.

The data controller is the President of the Oxford10 committee, who can be contacted via the Oxford10 email address: president@oxford10.com

Oxford10 may make available to dinner guests a list of all alumni attending the dinner with details of their college, university and year of matriculation. Details of any special dietary requirements you may have will be given to the caterers for an event where food is served. We do not sell your personal data to third parties under any circumstances. We also facilitate communication between individual alumni, but in doing so we do not release personal contact details without prior permission. If you wish to have your name and personal data deleted from our database, please let us know at any time and we will attend to your request.

During an event, Oxford10 may also take screenshots during an online virtual event. Screenshots may include images of attendees while on camera during the virtual event. Screenshots may be published on social media, publications, and websites.

Oxford10 may also record virtual events and posted on social media and websites.

As part of an invite while registering for events, alumni will be subscribed to our newsletters. Alumni can opt-out any time via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

The legal basis for processing your personal data for the purposes set out above is that it is necessary for the pursuit of our legitimate interests.

You have the right to:

–             ask us for access to, or rectification or erasure of your data

–             restrict processing (pending correction or deletion)

–             object to communications or direct marketing

–             ask for the transfer of your data electronically to a third party (data portability).

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We always handle your personal data securely and minimise its use, and there is no overriding prejudice to you by using your personal information for these purposes.  In addition, there is no statutory or contractual requirement for you to provide us with any personal data.