Mindfulness with Sophie McLaren

21 Oct 2020

Covid 19 has taken the energy out of many of us and we are in a moment of uncertainty. We have no idea how things will unfold.

With this in mind, Oxford10 invited Sophie who has been running mindfulness sessions for many years, to not only give us a talk about mindfulness but to also show us how we can use it in our everyday lives.

In today’s session we learned that mindfulness can give us stability when we feel the carpet has been pulled from under our feet. It appears that we are being distracted 47% of our time and this leads to our mind wandering around.

In two short mindfulness practice tasks of 2 and 4 minutes each, we found out that we have a direct experience and a narrative experience with our mind. Sophie told us what to focus on so that we can shift our experience with our mind in order to stop the talking in our head.

We finished the session by writing down ten things that nourish us and also a few things that deplete us and how we can shift these energy depleting things from our list. A wonderful experience that came at the right time when so many of us are experiencing fatigue and are looking for ways to calm our minds.