Using Maths to Clean-up our Oceans – a talk by Dr. Tom Crawford – 4th August 2020

Where does river water go when it enters the ocean? Rivers are the major source of pollution in the oceans and if we are to clean them up, we first need to know where the majority of the pollution is concentrated. By creating a mathematical model for river outflows – verified by laboratory experiments and fieldwork -– the goal is to be able to predict which areas are most susceptible to pollution from rivers and thus coordinate clean-up operations as effectively as possible.

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Virtual Movie Night – Jun 2020

No, that isn’t the logo of U.N.C.L.E., even if it looks familiar somehow.

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Following a successful first virtual gathering, we are hosting a movie night for the Oxford10 family! We asked for your votes on a highly curated list of highly rated movies, and the results are in – we will be screening the thrilling action-comedy The Man from U.N.C.L.E!

“But coronavirus! How do you maintain social distancing?” you might ask. Fear not, for we will be using the Netflix Party app. It’s a free extension that you can download and which will allow you to watch any Netflix movie (such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) with others from the safety of your home!

(Newsflash: We’re not being sponsored by Netflix or Netflix Party.)

So grab your popcorn, blankets, friends and family, sign up here (so we can send you the link) and come and enjoy an exciting night of fun.

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Virtual Get-together – May 2020

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Hopefully you have all been good and staying at home. The Oxford10 Committee has been too. But we’ve been working hard to help the Oxford10 community stay connected in these weird and (admittedly not so) wonderful circumstances.

Our first event is a light get-together for everyone to just catch up and find out how everyone is coping (or not). We are also looking to organise more events, including an online pub quiz and movie night, and would very much like to crowdsource! Bring your ideas, tell us what you’d like to have – and if lockdown ends early #hallelujah, we can always organise them in person!

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Brunch at Mother London in Battersea – 26th April 11am – CANCELLED

Join Oxford alumni for a great fun brunch at Mother Restaurant Battersea.
This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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About this Event
Join us for some delicious brunch at one of London’s most iconic sights next to Battersea Power Station.
You will be able to choose from fresh specialties and appetizing salads, prosciutto, marinated grilled vegetables, Parmigiana Reggiani DOP aged 24 months, locally produced organic cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, yoghurt, homemade granola and muffins, fresh fruit and much more. To that, you can naturally add a never ending stream of organic sourdough pizzas made with saltwater coming from their own burning charcoal oven. And if that wasn’t enough, throughout the brunch they serve warm pasta dishes and scrambled eggs at the table.
Filtered sparkling and still water as well as juices and one coffee are included in the price. Other soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc. are on the side.

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Debate on Impact of Cyber Security Incidents on Global Businesses – 25th March 6pm – CANCELLED

25th March 2020 at 6:15pm (Please note that this event has now been CANCELLED due to the on-going spread of COVID-19. We will re-organise this event later in the year.)

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Panellists will debate on the impact of various aspects of cyber security on global businesses.

Senior business stakeholders and board of directors have two new things on their agenda, Environment & Sustainability and Information & Cyber Security. Global businesses face even bigger challenge when it comes to the impact of information security breaches compared to a local or regional business. A breach may result in economic cost (which is almost always the case), disruption to business, damage to reputation, loss of business, legal action from the clients and customers, and possible sanctions and fine from the authorities and regulators. In case of a global business, if the data breach involves several global regions then the cost to business is considerably higher.

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