Outreach Officer

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  1. Spearhead Oxford10’s outreach activities.
  2. Work with Alumni Office to leverage Oxford10’s position to carry out University outreach strategy.
  3. Define strategy for the Oxford10 Outreach programme and plan for execution of the strategy. (Oxford10 committee members will assist with this task.)
    1. Define outreach strategy statement.
    2. Brief execution plan.
    3. Identify measurable deliverables for the outreach programme.
    4. Timeline defining when the deliverables will complete.
  4. Work with organisations like IntoUniversity to encourage and help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for admissions at Oxford University.

Expected Effort

2 hours a week approximately.

Shared Responsibilities of All Committee Members
Although we outline in this document the obligations for being in positions on the Executive Committee, from time to time the President and other members on this Committee may require assistance with their duties. Being on the Oxford10 Committee is a team effort. Therefore, its members are expected to help each other and to occasionally pick up tasks or responsibilities beyond their remit. Examples of such duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Composing/posting of messages on various communication channels.
  2. Helping out event organisers with their events on the night (along with assistance on other aspects of event organisation).

Conformity to Oxford Alumni Network Guidelines
Along with the duties of their particular role, a member of the Oxford10 Executive Committee is expected to observe any guidelines from the wider Oxford Alumni Network that could be relevant to them (these are listed under their respective role descriptions). That member should inform and provide guidance for resolution if necessary, if Oxford10 doesn’t meet any of these guidelines.

Interested? Drop us an email recruitment@oxford10.com